Kevin gone to Portugal

Why not? Every year I save my savings so that in the summer I can take a few days to get to know a new festival, and I usually opt for more “low cost” festivals and places that allow me to enjoy what goes on outside the festival, because imagine that if the festival lasts 4 days I always stay seven or eight days in the city.

naom_51078cc842606It is true. My first text is about a festival that takes place in Portugal, more properly, on the island of São Miguel. Monte Verde is located in the heart of the Atlantic, on the island of São Miguel, in Ribeira Grande. A unique place that deserves a visit, starting with Lagoa do Fogo, passing through the Lagoa das 7 Cidades and furnas, not forgetting the center of Ponta Delgada. There are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore and there is nothing better than to combine the beauty of the island with the nightlife. During the day I explored the island, at night I attended concerts. The island is also a magnet that attracts various national and international names. Regarding the beach that gives its name to the festival, it is great to make new friends, recover energies and take some diving, with a privileged view, when the sun tightens. As on the days of the festival I stayed at the camping just across the road and it was on the beach or in the enclosure! During the afternoon there will be activities to keep you entertained. For those who for some reason no longer identify with the “festival” spirit there are other places to stay overnight.

As the organizers themselves say “Monte Verde is not a festival for indies or hipsters, rockers or metal workers, new or old … It’s for all those who like music in its generality.” There are no musical “themed” days. the Portuguese music of reference, there is always a strong bet on names already with a consolidated career.In this year’s edition, we hear concerts somewhat disparate. ”

Apart from the festival, I still had the opportunity to do some extra festival activities. One of the ones that I liked the most was to do sport fishing. For those who enjoy festivals to the fullest as I do, it takes two days to unwind to re-energize. I had the opportunity to do sport fishing ( – this is a purely non-commercial leisure fishing (we do not sell fish) where we can enjoy a boat that takes us to a seafront promenade for a few hours. It was great for recharging the energies. For the more curious I leave here some photos of what is the sport fishing


Kevin is blogging

Kevin, it’s a pleasure. In this blog, I’ll cover a wide variety of topics, so expect to read a little bit of everything. Eventually, get involved in our accounting and receive their content for some festivals that I have gone but is a student in a health related area will also have health related topics. It is not necessary to have realized that the themes can be of a day in a festival, a health problem around its solutions. It will be a very eclectic blog.

I leave you still a link on the country that is the theme of my next blog